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Edifice and Machines

1. Laminate cutting machines

We have two laminate cutting machines allowing us to greatly reduce lead-time of the magnetic cores and keeps us independent of external suppliers.

2. Fabrication

This department has hydraulic presses, punching machines, benders, automated band saw, milling machine and lathe.

Our skilled staff can fabricate specialized and custom-made items required for production. We also have the capability to fabricate equipment and machines for internal use.

3. Winding Machines

10 Automated winding machines:

  • 5 machines for flat wire and round wire
  • 3 machines for foil winding
  • 2 combination machines
    • used for either foil or wire
    • The flexibility of our mixed winding machines gives us the ability to create mixed windings rapidly.

4. Testing/Verification

Our testing room is equipped with new-generation equipment and frequency output of 100 kVA.

Our R&D Department is able to carry out special tests.

5. Vacuum Pressure Impregnation

Our products are vacuum pressure impregnated with a high temperature polyester varnish.

6. Curing Ovens

  • 3 electric ovens for polymerization of the resin
  • 1 oven for tempering

7. Other Equipment

  • Paint Booth
  • 4 Bridge Cranes
  • 7 Jib Cranes
  • 3 Forklifts


Via Lavoratori Vittime del Col du Mont, 50 - 11100 AOSTA (AO)
C. F. e P I 01180360073 - Mail info@valleetrafor.it
Tel +39 0165 23 14 61 - Fax +39 0165 36 57 21

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